Medical Practice Consultants

New Profit Elevation is tailored to meet the growing needs of your medical practice. Our Practice Management Consultants have over 35 years’ experience in the industry and are dedicated to providing solutions that drive results for your office and most importantly…your patients!

We tailor our services to your business, your goals and your budget

From A-Z

We Are Your Practice Management Specialist

  • Expanding Practice Services
  • Compliance Issues
  • Credentialing
  • Web Site Development and Utilization
  • Medical Coding
  • Insurance Audit
  • New Practice Set-Up
  • Staffing
  • Payroll
  • Training All Areas for Office Personnel
  • Marketing
  • Billing Solutions

Medical Billing Solutions

Providing your patients quality care is your #1 responsibility, and you can’t put all of your focus there if you are struggling with the intricacies of billing.

Medspas/Laser Services

The MedSpa industry is a $4 billion market, and we have helped set up more than 200 facilities across the United States.

Ancillary Services

Biotrends, Allergy and Genomic Testing.

Medical Practice Consultants generally have multiple teams of people training staff and then assigning them to their client’s practices.

The physician can take advantage of the opportunity and no longer have to train staff which is a time consuming and stressful task. When the Medical Practice Consultant staffs your office they will generally also provide Payroll Services which has its own set of compliance laws and steps.


Over 50% of small businesses (practices included) outsource their payroll because of the hassle and time required to handle. Between keeping up with hours and employee salaries you must also make the proper deductions, file your business taxes, and more! Medical Consulting Companies being the one-in-all package that they are generally do this at a low monthly cost to the practice or sometimes none at all depending on the levels of services the physician is involved in.

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